Point of View

Pittsburgh Parklet Art

If you ever visit Pittsburgh, top recommendation you’ll get would be to take a ride on the Duquesne incline. I second that wholeheartedly. Just that I would like to add one more thing to this recommendation — Point of View sculpture which is in a parklet, just a few meters away from the Duquesne incline overlook. It is a part of three miles long Grand View Scenic Byway and is situated on the western end of Byway.

The sculpture is made of bronze and is sculpted by Jim West. Learn more about the artist here:

Point of View depicts face to face meeting between George Washington and Seneca leader Guyasuta in October, 1771. This meeting was to examine the land for future settlement along the Ohio river.

Point of view park is also a good spot to take breathtaking pictures of the city. It is not without any reason that the park was once called ‘Photography Park’.

I found the area around the park a bit isolated. But one can still easily spend around 15 minutes in admiring this statue from all the angles.

So next time you visit Pittsburgh, take Duquesne incline and ride to the top of the Mount Washington. Catch some breathtaking views of the city from the overlook there and instead of making an immediate return trip, add Point of View park to your list. You won’t regret!



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